Murrells Inlet Travel Diary


This year we celebrated our 2nd anniversary on May 24th. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun with the one you love! These past two years have not been easy life-wise, but they sure have been wonderful marriage-wise! I am so thankful that God brought Nate and I together, and that He has written such a beautiful love story for us thus far. I constantly thank the Lord for giving me such a Christ-like, wise, smart, handsome, loving, gentle, kind, strong, hard-working man. There is so much more I could write about how wonderful my dear husband is, but for now I will just say that I am so undeserving of such a man. I look forward to many more years by his side!

Why pick Murrells Inlet, SC, you ask? When we started to make plans for our anniversary getaway, I told Nate all I wanted to do was go to the B E A C H. We started googling beaches near us, and Murrells Inlet was the closest. Plus, Nate’s family had taken lots of vacations near there growing up so he knew the area. Even though it was 10 hours away, Murrells Inlet was well worth the trip!


We only had two and a half days, but we packed in as much fun and adventure as we could. We left after work on a Friday, drove through the night and got to Murrells  Inlet in the morning. Since we couldn’t check in to our place until the afternoon, we went straight to the beach. It felt so wonderful to be at the beach again. Our tiredness was soon forgotten as we felt the sand between out toes and waded into the rolling waves. Our favorite beach was Garden City Beach. It happened to be the closest to Murrells Inlet, and it was so beautiful. It stretched out for miles in either direction and it wasn’t too crowded. We loved trying to catch waves and body surf, walk down the beach collecting shells, and lounge on our towels reading books.

The ocean always brings me so much joy because it displays God’s artistry and power. I love how the ocean can take my breath away with its beauty, calm me with the sound of its waves, and terrify me with the strength of its currents and the host of creatures within all at the same time.


Donuts and coffee are a holiday must
So happy to be together at the beach. And happy to be married to such a handsome bearded dude. 😉

The next few days we loved going to the beach multiple times, exploring the area, and hanging out at our cool Airbnb “hotel.” This was the first time we had tried Airbnb, and we LOVED it. We seriously had the most wonderful place to stay at the fraction of what a hotel would have cost. Our place was called the “Low Country Cottage,” ( and it was a basement room underneath a gorgeous little house in a beautiful neighborhood. What I loved most about our place was that it had a separate entrance and a bathroom inside our room, so it felt private. It also had the loveliest little back patio area where we grilled up some yummy food. Our hosts seemed like very nice, hospitable people. We read really good reviews on them from, and our interactions over email and the phone were great. We actually didn’t get a chance to meet them because they weren’t home, but we met a few of their cute cats. 🙂 We will definitely use Airbnb again, and we would love to stay in the same cottage again someday.

Nate grilling up some delicious steak on the back patio
Fun snacks and a movie from Red box.


Even though our trip was short, it sure was SWEET! When you both work and your husband is in seminary, any time away that doesn’t involve school work or a full schedule is the best! Some other fun things we loved doing on our holiday were: waking up early to go to the beach (better weather, parking, and less people), eating at some fun local restaurants (BBQ, and a cute little place called the Saltwater Cafe), and finding super good deals on clothes at Old Navy (Nate’s shark shorts are so cool!). I am so thankful the Lord gave us some much needed time away to spend time with one another, celebrate our marriage, and recharge. I can’t wait to go back!



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