#30daysofbiblelettering Challenge


If you follow along on Instagram or Facebook, then you know I did the #30daysofbiblelettering challenge during the month of July. I absolutely LOVED doing this challenge! It was so fun and encouraging to meditate on Scripture each day while practicing lettering and exercising my creativity. I thought it would be fun to recap and share my thoughts on the challenge on here, as well as my favorite verses from the month.

In all the crazy busy days of college, getting married, and working full time, I  had forgotten how much joy the process of creating art brings me. Whether it’s doodling a little flower or lettering an inspiring phrase, the act of making things appear on a page with ink or lead breathes life into the cobwebs of my mind and heart. Lettering has quickly become one of my favorite art forms. I love the challenge of learning how to make my letters more exciting and beautiful so that reading them is more fun.

Besides that, I loved the #30daysofbiblelettering challenge because each post helped me meditate on Scripture. God’s Word is so beautiful in and of itself, but painting, writing, and drawing it on paper adds a whole new dimension of awesomeness. As someone who struggles to meditate on the Word, I find lettering verses extremely helpful. For me, lettering the Word is a tangible way to live out Philippians 4:8.

I am not sure when the next #30daysofbiblelettering challenge will be, but I definitely plan to do it again! I also plan to add some lettering tutorials to the blog in the future.


IMG_20160717_193837 (1)

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