Meet Winston

I think it’s about time I introduce you to our cat, Winston. He is the crazy, adorable, psycho, weird, funny, sweet, obnoxious, intense, mischievous, moody, lazy, and furry member of our family. We got Winston the first year we were married, back when we lived in the northern wilds of Wisconsin. We’ve never known what breed of cat he is. His parents were kind of half wild, half pet barn cats. I have a suspicion that he may be a tortoiseshell calico because of his coloring and markings, but I shall never know and frankly I don’t think it matters. 🙂


Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE animals, especially our cat Winston. I don’t think of him as our “fur baby,” like some people, but I wanted to write about him because he is a special part of our little family.

Also, I felt that I needed to write about something light and happy during this dark night of the soul. I want to celebrate the gifts and blessings that make me smile, and Winston definitely does that on a daily basis. I love that God took the time to make creatures like cats, which are so complex,  intriguing, and funny all at the same time. Winston is no exception. If you enjoy reading about other people’s quirky cats (or just looking at all the cute pictures), keep reading!

I call this his “condescending” pose.

Winston loves:

  • His cat food
  • Anything that dangles
  • Boxes of all shapes and sizes. If he comes across a box he will try and fit inside it no matter what size it is.
  • Nate’s beard (seriously! He will always sit on Nate’s lap just so he can rub his head against his beard. Nevermind that I take care of Winston about 90% of the time, feeding him and chaning his litter and fawning over him. If Nate and I sitting on the couch, Winston will always choose Nate over me)
  • Sleeping anywhere and everywhere (in hilarious, “dead” looking poses!)
  • Going outside on our porch (although he scares me when he pokes his head out over the edge and seems like he wants to jump off)
  • Anything that we are eating. He is such a vulture when it’s dinner time!

Winston hates:

  • Spray water bottles (whenever he does something he is not supposed to, we spray him a few times)
  • Guitar music (he goes running when I start to play…maybe it’s just me).
  • The vacuum cleaner.
  • Being held (unless he is feeling affectionate. He deigns to show us affection once in a while and lets me hold him).

Other funny/notable things about Winston:

  • He likes to creepily stare at us. Every once in a while I’ll get a weird feeling that I’m being watched only to look up and find Winston’s eyes on me.
  • Winston races us into other rooms when he is feeling playful. I’ll be walking down the hallway and he will sprint ahead of me, as if trying to race me.
  • His tail fluffs up when he gets scared or angry. Doubles in size and looks so fluffy!
  • He has a strange flip-flop fetish. Any rubber flip-flops aren’t safe around our cat. He will find them and chew them into tiny little pieces. He never eats the pieces though, which is good. We actually just leave an only flip flop under the couch for him to dig out and play with so he’ll leave our other ones alone. 🙂 Silly kitty!
  • His sister, Chloe, is my sister’s cat. She lives in Canada. Winston and her used to chase each other around all day when we used to live close to them. I like to think that they would still be friends.
Such an adorable little fuzz ball


Sleepy cuddles


Can’t get over how cute he was as a kitten!
He thinks I make the bed just so he can lay on it.
Favorite chair






Thank you for reading! Hope the pictures and details about our silly kitty made you smile. It’s good to enjoy the little things and dwell on even the furry blessings. 🙂


IMG_20160717_193837 (1)


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