Our Getaway in the KY Woods

We all need to take a break from life and rest sometimes. To get away to recharge and refocus because life has been wearing us thin. One of my favorite ways to do this is travel somewhere and disconnect from everything.


Back around Thanksgiving time, Nate and I decided we needed to plan a little getaway to do just that. We knew that the beginning of this year would be really hard for us because January marked one whole year of trying to have a baby. So we planned ahead to go away for a few days to spend time with each other and refocus.


We rented a sweet little cabin tucked back far in the Kentucky woods, and it was the best place we could have gone. I’m so very thankful that we could take this time to get away and be reminded of how good and kind our Father is. It doesn’t mean we forgot the pain, but our time away did soothe it. The Lord gave us grace to have joy and refocus our eyes on truth about Him and our situation.I loved getting to spend time just doing “nothing” with my love. No schedule, no plans, no work. Just lovely time to ourselves to be together.


It rained three out of the four days we were away, so that forced us to stay inside and chill. I absolutely loved being in our cozy little cabin with my man, making food, playing games, watching shows, and reading and listening to books together. When it wasn’t raining, we enjoyed making fires (well, to be honest, Nate made fires, I made and ate s’mores 😉 ) as well as taking walks near our cabin and hiking two small trails. We tried to hike more, but this time of year they close a lot of the trails because of weather conditions. Good thing we didn’t go just for hiking! 🙂


As far as eating, we made all our meals since this time of year the little mom and pop diners and cafes were all closed for the season (I liked our food better anyway, and we saved a lot of money).

We made the BEST steak in my awesome cast iron skillet (more about my new favorite skillet later. I love that thing so much I’ll be dedicating a whole post to it soon), which makes my mouth water just thinking back to it. We also ate frozen pizza, which may sound awful to some, but for us it was oh so yummy as it was reminiscent of our sweet honeymoon, where we stayed in a little cabin in the TN woods and ate frozen pizza for our first meal as a married couple.


I think we will have to make a tradition of staying in a cabin in the woods each year from here on out.What are some of your favorite ways to take a break from stress and recharge? I’d love to hear your thoughts!






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