Mee Seminary Life: New Semester Emotions


This week marks the beginning of yet another semester of seminary for Nate (in case you didn’t know, Nate is working on his MDiv in Christian Ministry from Southern Seminary. He hopes to graduate in 2018 and then pastor somewhere). So I thought it would be fun to start a series of blog posts called “Mee Seminary Life,” which I’ll write periodically this semester, sharing glimpses of our life in seminary from my perspective.

With the beginning of another semester upon us, I find myself with this strange struggle inside of me between feeling forlorn and excited. I’m feeling forlorn because Nate’s classes and homework will bombard our schedule, taking up our free time together. It means lots of long days (really, “longer” days, since the days already feel so long as we both work). I’m not ready to get out of Christmas Break mode where our days off together are all ours, and not taken up with classes.

On the other hand I’m excited because it’s a new semester and that means more learning, growing, and moving towards Nate’s degree, which makes me all kinds of proud. I love that he loves to learn more about God and His Word and wants to get a degree so that he can help others learn more about Him, too. I’m also excited because we’re about to take another turn down this road of seminary adventure. The newness of it all gives me joy and makes me wonder what we’ll encounter this semester.


So as I pondered these feelings in my heart this morning, the Lord reminded me of some important things, which I shall list below:

1. God has us here right now, and that’s His good will. We came to Louisville for Nate to do seminary. It’s crazy how often I forget this simple thought, which helps keep me grounded when I’m tempted to grumble about how hard the new semester is going to be. We didn’t come to Louisville for us to go on dates or for me to work at Trader Joe’s, or even for us to go to our church or small group. All of those other things are good gifts from the Lord, but at times I can get so distracted by them and forget our reason for being here. Seminary becomes just another thing I complain about (As I wrote those words, I was again struck with how silly I am, because Nate is really the one who does ALL the work. Yes, it is hard to share him and help him bear the load of all that he needs to get done, but still I’m not working on my own MDiv :P. If I do happen to take a class here or there, its a Seminary Wives Class which is more fun than work). God has given us this time in seminary, and it’s a good gift.

2. “Nothing of worth comes easily.” I’m not sure who coined this phrase originally, but my hat goes off to them (comment below if you know). The older I get the more I see it’s true. I shouldn’t be surprised that life in seminary is hard, because it’s really good that we’re here, learning more about God, His Word, and the wondrous things He’s doing in the world. Even though this season of being seminary is really hard, it’s worth it because it’s growing us. All the long days, hours spent studying and learning, parties and gatherings missed, sleep lost, time together shortened, the feelings of being drained and brain dead—they’re all worth it because we need to be trained for the hard, wonderful ministry adventure that is Lord-willing ahead of us.

3. I don’t want to take this time for granted. One day I’m going to look back and wish we were back in this crazy, yet good chapter of our life. Yes it’s hard, but I have a feeling life will just keep getting harder, so this chapter will look easy in hindsight. This chapter has already shaped and grown me so much and caused me to cry out to the Lord, and He has given grace again and again. I want this semester to continue that thread of growth, even though it has been so hard.

Thanks for bearing with my crazy thoughts and emotions as this new semester starts. Hopefully my ramblings helped you gain some perspective as you start a new semester (whether you’re a seminary wife like me, in seminary or school yourself, or just at the edge of a new season of life). I hope so, but if not I still needed to write ‘em out for my own remembrance.




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