Our DIY Pallet Wood Industrial Coffee Table

Almost all of my favorite pieces of furniture in our home are pieces that Nate and I dreamed up and Nate crafted for me. There’s just something so special about seeing a piece come to life that you’ve drawn on paper and spent hours working on. A piece that is unique to your home and perfectly fits your style. My favorite part of our living room decor is one such piece—our DIY industrial, rustic coffee table (try saying that three times fast!) crafted from pallet wood and stainless steel pipes.


I love how my dear hubby constantly loves me well by paying attention to what I love and encouraging me to pursue creativity. I also love how crafty Nate is. Not in the scrap booking womanly way, but in the manly, strong, rustic way, like turning old wood into new masterpieces. If you asked him if he was creative, Nate would say no, but his skill with woodworking speaks for itself.

One day I was complaining to him about how our little cheap-o coffee table from Ikea didn’t go with my rustic farmhouse style, or the size of our couch, and he suggested we make one. So I scoured Pinterest for ideas, thinking that something made out of pallet wood seemed like it would be perfect. I love pallets so so much because they are rustic and weathered, and when you make things out of them you are recycling in the coolest way possible. I loved our industrial styled pipe curtain rod, so when I saw these pictures of industrial styled wood coffee tables, I was sold. I didn’t really know exactly how it would look, but I wanted to incorporate pallet wood and steel pipework. So Nate and I came up with a design and a little squiggly drawing on paper, and then my awesome husband created the coolest coffee table ever.


He took apart the pallet and then put all the boards together into a new shape. After that he attached pipework to the bottom to make the legs. It’s so sturdy, rustic, and amazing! I love how each board is different and weathered, some with nail holes or split pieces, some fat, some thin. Each has its own story to tell, which adds so much character and life to the overall piece. The pipework is perfect for resting your legs on too, which comes in handy during movie nights.


I’m so proud of all the hard work Nate put in, and I know this piece will bring us joy for many years to come. One day if we decided we wanted a different coffee table, it could even be converted into a table or desk by simply making the pipe legs longer. Every time we create something like this table, it brings us so much joy, not only because we’re making our home more cozy and styled like we want, but also because we’re made in the image of God and our creations echo His creativity.



I hope you enjoyed seeing this piece, and that it inspires you to create pieces for you home that perfectly fit your style. What are some of your favorite furniture pieces in your home? I’d love to hear about them or see pictures!








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