DIY Bathroom Shelf

Happy Thursday, Friends!! Today I want to give you a little peek into our half bathroom and how we came up with a solution to the lack of storage space in there.

Apartment living means a lot of thinking through how to use space well because apartments tend to be limited space-wise. Although I’m still learning how to use our space and storage well, I love being creative and finding ways to make our place functional, yet beautiful. Cue cute, yet helpful DIY bathroom shelf.


In our little half bath in the master bedroom, I needed some more storage space for all my girly beauty needs. So Pinterest and Nate came to the rescue yet again (are you seeing a theme here?). 😉

I loved the look of this one on Pinterest, so I showed Nate and he came up with an even better one!


He used pallet wood of course, because we love it best and usually have a good supply (yay for Nate working at a furniture wearhouse!). We left it un-stained because I like the natural wood color. The original tutorial said it would be about $10 to make this. Since we already had the boards and nails, we only had to buy the rope, so it ended up being around $5 to make this! 👊🔨😁

I love how simple, yet elegant this shelf is, and it’s so easy to make. After I instagrammed this one, a friend asked for one too, so Nate made another. We both have a dream of someday opening up a little side business making beautiful furniture and home decor, so making one for a friend brought us so much joy!

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek into our little half bath. Now, if only I can keep my little shelf looking as neat as it’s pictured here!





2 thoughts on “DIY Bathroom Shelf

  1. Love your blog , great content it will be great to have a step by step of the diys for those of us that are not so handy lol . ❤️️ You


    1. Thank you Awa! You’re so sweet to say that. Good idea about the steps! I’ll definitely try to include those in the future 🙂


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