Friday Favorites 2.24.17

Happy Friday my friends! Here are a few of my favorite things from this past week:

  • Frisbee golfing with family. On Tuesday we finally had a chance to try out the frisbee golf course here in Louisville. The weather was nice and warm and thankfully the rain held off so we could play through the whole course. I loved it! So fun to spend time with Andrew and Tessa and also practice my throws (I need a LOT of practice, so hopefully we’ll go again soon 😉).img_20170221_155441096


  • This trailer for the new live action rendition of Beauty and the Beast.
    I am so over the moon excited to see this! Ever since I was a little girl, Belle has been my favorite princess. I always identified with her because she was kind of an outsider in her town, she loved to read, and she longed for adventure just like me. Belle is also my Mom’s favorite princess, so I loved her for that too. One of my favorite memories from growing up was going to see Beauty and the Beast in Imax with my mom and sister. Can’t wait to go see it when it comes out in March!


  • My new eucalyptus wax melts. Eucalyptus has quickly become my new favorite plant and scent. So beautiful, light, fresh, and clean! I got these wax melts the other day at Target, and I am so glad I did! Good thing the were only $3.29, because I’ll be buying more soon!


  • This blogger. I discovered Aurdrey a while back on Instagram and followed her right away. I love how she loves God, loves her husband, and wants to be a godly wife. This week I started reading her blog, and I am so encouraged and inspired. I especially love her mantra: “Always more,” from Ephesians 3:20. Audrey says: “When I run, these words remind me that I ALWAYS have MORE strength, power, and endurance in Christ (Isaiah 40:31). When I am tired or burnt out, these words remind me that I ALWAYS have MORE to draw from in Christ (Ephesians 3:20). When I get cut off on the road or treated rudely, these words remind me that there is ALWAYS MORE to someones’ story than what I know. When I am filled with joy, these words remind me that Christ will ALWAYS overfill me with MORE joy as I look to Him.” Such a wonderful encouragement! Her words have already inspired me so much this week, and I look forward to seeing more of her journey as I follow her blog.



I hope y’all have a lovely weekend! I have to work today and tomorrow so my weekend technically doesn’t start until Sunday, but there’s just something magical and fun about Fridays that gets me all hyped up. What are some of your favorites from this week?

IMG_20160717_193837 (1)




3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 2.24.17

    1. Hey Lacey! So Frisbee golf is really fun! You play with smaller frisbees that are heavier so you can throw farther. Then you follow a numbered course with par numbers (how many throws it’ll take you to get to the basket), kind of like a gold course. The goal is to get to each basket with the least amount of throws. I usually end up with the most throws, but it’s still really fun. You should try it sometime! 🙂

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