Friday Favorites 3.3.17

Hello friends! We made it to another Friday. I’m very tired and worn out today after what seemed like an endless week, so I’m praising the Lord it’s Friday!

On to the favorites:

  • This article by David Matthis entitled “The Priceless Gift in Every Trial.” This week we found out the medical cause behind our infertility (I’ll write more about that later, it’s too fresh right now), so this article helped me meditate on truth this week. Matthis does a really good job of explaining how God uses trials and why they are important in the life of the believer. I especially loved this quotation:”They[trials] are one of God’s essential means through which he preserves the faith he has given us and keeps us as his own.” And: “God lovingly injects our lives with trials to train, grow, strengthen, and sweeten what matters most in us.” Even though this week was hard, my relationship with Nate is all the more sweeter.


  • The sweet friends and family God has placed in our life. This week especially, we felt so loved and cared for as family and friends prayed for us about our follow-up with the doctor and the hard news. We’ve had friends leave us cards and gifts at our door, pray for us, send encouraging texts and emails, as well as call and let us know they care. It means so much that so many care about us and love us. If you’re one of those sweet people mentioned above, and you’re reading this, THANK YOU! God has used you mightily this week to encourage us! (And even if you’re just new here and read the words I write, I really appreciate you, too. Every time I sit down to write I feel such a rush of happiness because I need to do it. So having people read my words brings me so much joy.)


  •  Caramel Macchaitos from Starbucks. Yesterday afternoon when Nate got done with classes, I told him we were going on a “Thursdate,” and then I made him go get pics with me to try out my new tripod and rewarded him with a caramel macchiato at Starbucks.Yes, you read that right. Nate got his own drink at Starbucks and drank it. If you know him, you’re probably shaking your head in disbelief, but it’s true. I’ve finally convinced him that he likes coffee! Not all coffee yet, just the sweet, creamy, icy kind. But he drank it all! yay! Picture proof below. Also, from March 2-6 between 2 and 5 pm its BOGO (by one get one free) macchiatos at Starbucks. So get on over there with a friend or significant other and get some. You’re welcome. 😁



That’s all for now, friends. I truly hope y’all have a lovely weekend filled with good stuff like coffee and loved ones and adventures. Comment below and share your favorites from the week!

IMG_20160717_193837 (1)

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