Friday Favorites 3.24.17



I’ve noticed a trend in my Friday Favorites posts, have you? I usually share my favorite songs, books, articles, and recipes, with a few extra random things thrown in (it’s always different, but I at least always have one or two things in those categories). It’s kind of been randomly consistent each week. Do you like this trend? I didn’t really plan on sharing all these things weekly they just happen to be things that I’m enjoying. . What are you thoughts? I’d love to know!

On to the favorites from this week.

  • “Rejoice” by Andrew Peterson (I know, a real shocker). If you don’t know by now, Andew Peterson is my favorite musician, and one of my favorite authors. I absoulety LOVE his latest album, The Burning Edge of Dawn. Each song beatuifully displays Andrew’s gift for storytelling and praising God through the ups and downs of life. I found his song “Rejoice” very helpful this week. It helped me reorient my thoughts and rejoice when I was feeling down.


  • This article by Jon Bloom from Go read it as soon as you can. I found it super helpful this week as I struggled to focus on truth. Bloom compared how we think and feel to a train. He writes:”Experientially, we tend to “ride” (so to speak) in our emotions and thought cars. These are what we are most aware of most of the time. But what’s important to remember is that our dominant emotions and thoughts are not driving our train. They are being pulled. So, when we are struggling emotionally, when we, like Martha, are “anxious and troubled about many things” (Luke 10:41), more often than not we have a directional problem. Our trust engine is pulling toward a troubling destination that for some reason we believe is trustworthy. We’re going down the wrong track.”


  • Spending time with family. My parents and little bro came to visit this week on my days off, so it was lovely to spend time with them. We hadn’t seen them for a while since they were visiting South Africa (so jealous!). I loved catching up with them.There’s always so much sweet encouragement when my parents are around. Their example of following God through suffering without wavering has been a huge encouragement to me. Besides that, time with them is sweet because we eat way too many sugary things. 😁😉. I’m excited to see them and all the rest of my siblings again in a little over a week for Trev’s wedding.


Hope you have a marvelous Friday! The sun is shining, the temperature is going to be in the 70s, and my man is coming to visit me during my lunch break at work tonight. It’s going to be a lovely day.

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