Mee Seminary Life: A Limerick



As the end of another semester of seminary draws to a close (this is the last week of classes for Nate), I wrote a limerick to describe my feelings.

Bear in mind that I’m not poet, but merely a lover of poetry. I haven’t written any for years, so this one is a bit rusty. Limericks are my favorite form of poetry because they’re light-hearted and silly, like me most of the time.

With the close of another semester

We are quite happy to sequester

Ourselves away for a bit

Pleased at home to sit

Without the stress of school to pester

Since listening to The Fellowship of the Ring with all of Tolkien’s poetry, the poetry bug has bitten me again. Hope you don’t mind seeing this sillier side of me, because there may be more poetry on here in the future.

I’m excited to shake off the dust from this past semester and breath in the fresh air of a summer without classes for Nate. I look forward to having whole days off together, where we can sleep in and not divide our time between classes and homework. The Lord kindly gave us an “easier” semester this Spring in that Nate had some easier classes that were hard, but not too crazy hard, like previous semesters. So even though I’m ready for a summer break, I’m not as exhausted and starved for time with him as I have been previously. Still, I am so very thankful for Nate’s school and proud of all his hard work, but a summer break will be very refreshing. Excited for what’s to come! Anyone else in school or seminary and excited for summer?



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