Friday Favorites 5.5.17

Happy F R I D A Y!

BeFunky Collage.png


This week ended up being pretty long and discouraging, but there were lovely moments of light and encouragement, some of them provided by the favorites from this week.

This Blog (and shop)– Life Lived Beautifully. I stumbled across this blog a little while ago while on Instagram. I was immediately hooked because of how Gretchen Saffles (the creator) loves the Lord and encourages other women to Love God and the bible too. This week and the last centered on fashion, and how we should view it as believers. All the posts I read from their site were encouraging and helpful, so I highly recommend heading their way for a good read (This one is my favorite from the Fashion Week posts…so good!). I just ordered a really awesome tee from their shop too. I’ll be sharing it with y’all next week probably.

Joe’s Dark Coffee from Trader Joe’s (haha I’m actually drinking a cup as I write this). I have tried a lot of their coffee, and this one is my favorite at the moment. It’s simple, but oh so good with it’s dark notes. Also, it’s a super great deal at $4.99 for 13 oz. I buy the whole bean and grind it each morning for a fresher taste. Y’all know how much I love/need my coffee, and this week especially! We had a busy, not so restful weekend and then jumped into a busier work week, and it’s not over yet because I’ll be working today and tomorrow (and it’s Derby time in KY, so everything is crazier than usual).

Ghost of a King by The Gray Havens. I have probably mentioned them on here before, but I shall happily mention them again. Dave and Licia are a husband and wife band who create amazing music that is in the genre of narrative-folk-pop. Their band name comes from The Lord of the Rings, so I loved them even before they got famous. They’re also just super cool people who love God, His Word, and each other. I feel like we could be friends with them (who, knows? Maybe we will someday! That would be so awesome). Their latest album is my favorite, especially “Band of Gold,” “Take This Slowly,” and “This My Soul.” As they write more songs and create awesome tunes they just keep getting better. They’re working on another album right now, so we’re super excited for that!

Death By Living by N. D. Wilson. Where do I start with this book? I haven’t finished it yet, but so far I feel like every word is music to my ears (If you look at my kindle, probably every other word is highlighted!). Y’all know Wilson is my favorite modern author. He just has a certain way of framing life with wonderful words that leave me speechless and craving more. I really want to grow to be a writer like him someday. Anyway, this book is about his philosophy on living. Here are some of my favorite quotes from it so far:

“When one begins to make claims about life and its storyness, one should be careful. Stories tend to follow, and stories involve unpleasantness. God calls bluffs, and makes narrative hypocrites of us all.”
“The truth is that a life well lived is always lived on a rising scale of difficulty.”
“Life is a story. We are all characters.”
“I am often asked why I write fiction for children. Because those whom I am called to feed are still children. Because I am still a child. Because the world is big, and the world is wonderful, but it is also terrifying. It is an ocean full of paper boats…Imagined friends and heroes can shape loves and loyalties and choices as much (or more)as real ones. Even when children have plenty of joy in their lives, good stories reinforce it.”
“Stories are the closest our own words can ever come to being made flesh–gifts unwrapped in the imagination.”
Hope y’all have a lovely weekend! I’d love to hear about your favorites from the week!



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