Friday Favorites: Canada Edition

Happy Friday from Canada! We’re here visiting my sister and her husband because she just had BABY! Her new little guy is so so precious! It’s been so lovely to see them and their stomping grounds, and especially now that they’re parents. They are so naturally good at parenting already, which I love to see.

So I think it will be fun to share my favorites from Canada (I bet you can guess what my first one is).

Baby Vance. Guys, he is so precious! My heart wells with so much pride and love for this little wonder already! I’ve loved being here and meeting him. There’s something so sweet and wonderful about newborns. They are so new and fragile, yet so soft and cuddly. I have loved holding him and hearing all his little grunts and sneezes. When he opens his eyes and looks at me my heart melts! I keep pinching myself that we’re actually here and get to experience his first few weeks of life! I’m so proud of my little nephew, and so excited to see how he grows.



Crepes as big as my face. After Steph got us from the airport, we went to this amazing breakfast food place (y’all, I love breakfast food as much as Leslie Knope ;D). I got this strawberry nutella crepe, and when they brought it to me I got so surprised at how big it was! I definitely think Canada knows how to serve up a delicious breakfast. Way to go, Canada!



My sister’s plants. Guys, I thought I was a serious #plantlady, until I came here and saw all of Steph’s awesome plants. She definitely knows how to take care of them and create a luscious, green atmosphere. Plus, she made this super cool pallet planter thing, which gives me so much inspiration!



Fish and chips. I know fish and chips are a UK thing, but Canadians know how to make delicious fish and chips, too. We went to this awesome place called Sir Winston’s Fish and Chips, and it didn’t disappoint. Personally, I just LOVED the fries, but the fish was amazing too. Plus, with a name like Sir Winston’s, we had to go for our cat’s sake 😀




I hope wherever you are you’re having a lovely Friday! I can’t wait to share more pics of our Canada adventure soon. I’m so thankful we were able to come visit and share this special time with Steph and Josh. The Lord is so kind to give us good time with family.



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