Summer Bucket List

summer text.png

With the first day of summer just around the corner, a summer bucket list is in order. I loved doing our Spring one, and after looking back on it, I realized we did almost all of the things on the list. So of course now I’m even more excited to make a summer one and complete it.  I know it’s just a silly list, but I think it’s important to be intentional with activities and goals because if we don’t have at least some kind of a plan, we end up wasting time and feeling sad after the fact (not that spontaneity doesn’t have it’s place, but plans work well for us). Any other planners out there?

On to the list!

  • Go for lots of long walks in the park and/or our apartment complex
  • Go long boarding with Nate (I know I’m repeating some from Spring, but some things are great for both seasons).
  • Go strawberry picking (there’s a lovely farm not too far from us that I’ve heard is great for this…and I LOVE strawberries!)
  • Read/listen to at least 4 more books
  • Be more consistent with blogging/content creating (I’ve been a bit lax the last couple of weeks with how busy our schedule has been)
  • Go for a picnic with my love (we have this sweet picnic basket we got as a wedding gift that we need to use more…Thanks Matt and Julie!)
  • Go swimming
  • Visit family (wishing we could go to Canada again, and then we have two planned trips for July and August already, but I’d love to fit another time in too. Family, let’s plan something!).
  • Refinish or paint our table (we have this awesome vintage table that Nate grew up using. It’s in need of a fresh stain and finish or a lovely coat of paint. Haven’t decided yet which one, but I know we need to get it done this summer!)
  • Eat healthier (it might be lame to put this on here, but we’ve kind of been lazy with out eating lately and I can feel a difference. Definitely need to get back on track with lots of fresh fruit and veggies!)
  • Learn to make crepes (I love those things…now I just need to learn how to make them. Recipes and tips welcome!)
  • Get tan (haha I’m so white!)
  • Hang out with friends (friends…let’s make plans, especially before the semester starts and we have no time ;D)

Happy summer!

summer 2

summer flowers


That’s all I can think of for now. Have you made a summer bucket list? Any more ideas for mine? Let me know!

So excited for all the adventure that the warm sunshine and long days bring!




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