A Little Break


Maybe you’ve noticed I took a little break from blogging over the past few weeks. I didn’t plan to take a break, but I needed to. There were two main reasons. One, this little, sweet babe inside of me has been kicking my butt over the past two months. Don’t get me wrong, I am SUPER EXCITED to be experiencing pregnancy, and so thankful for our little baby, but I have been SO SO TIRED. Like, basically surviving through each day, trying to fight through the lack of energy and not doing anything extra apart from sleeping, eating (even that has been tough), and working. If y’all think of it, please pray for my dear sweet husband. He has been such a trooper through all my zombie-ness lately, taking care of my like a champ, but I feel so bad that I haven’t been able to cook and clean and be a normal, sweet wife. I’m praying he doesn’t waste away to nothing! Secondly, along with my body fatigue I’ve had some real bad mind fatigue (#pregnancybrain). It’s been hard to process thoughts and such, especially for writing and content creating. Maybe I could have just pushed through it and written some things, but I don’t ever want to just create things on here just because I have to. I don’t want to pressure myself into blogging and have lots of quantity posts over quality. So that’s why I’ve been pretty quiet on here of late. I hope you’ll forgive me, and keep tracking with my posts in the future!

I have missed writing a lot, and lately I have hope to ease back into it real soon. I really want to chronicle the adventures of our life so I can look back and smile on all the happy ups and downs of each adventure, especially this amazing journey of motherhood that God has blessed me with! I’m hoping that in the next few weeks as I enter my 2nd trimester that my body will start to have more energy and I’ll be able to create a lot more. I’m excited to share about our everyday adventures with y’all again. Writing brings me so much joy. It’s crazy how spilling ink on a page or typing letters onto a screen can make one so happy and excited.

I hope you’re having a lovely Tuesday!



One thought on “A Little Break

  1. Self care is such an important part of your every day. Some days are easier to squeeze it in then others, but realizing when you DO need to take a break and actually taking the time to do it always feels great. Pregnancy is a wonderful thing for sure but if you really stop and think about all your body is doing for this amazing baby inside of you, it’s any wonder you are exhausted! No excuses needed to give yourself a little R&R!


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