How We Found Out

I shall never forget the moment that pregnancy test turned positive. It’s burned in my memory, blazing like a fire that warms your body and your soul. But I need to record it here for all of y’all who are wondering, and so I can review it ever so often to smile and thank the Lord.


Sunday, May 28th, 2017.

Nate and I woke up when our alarms went off. I got out of bed quickly, dreading what I needed to do (take a pregnancy test because it was day 40 of my cycle), but trying to do it before I lost the nerve or let Nate know. I knew it would be another negative pregnancy test. After all, I had never gotten a positive one, so why should this month be any different?

I closed the door to our little bathroom so Nate wouldn’t see me cry when I got another negative test. He was still laying in bed. Unbeknownst to me, he knew I was taking the test, and he already began to pray for me because he knew it would be a hard day.

I took the test, and held it in my hand as I finished up on the toilet. I looked down at the test and it turned positive right away. Immediately, I began to think I had done it wrong or that it was a dud test. IT HAD TURNED POSITIVE WITHIN 3 SECONDS OF MY PEE TOUCHING IT! I stared at the test, checking the directions on the box and checking the test. This must have gone on for about 30 seconds, and then it started to sink in. I was PREGNANT! I began to sob, and called for Nate. He knew what was up by the tone of my voice and ran in immediately. I showed him and he checked the box to make sure, then we hugged and cried together. That was the last good test I had, but we took 2 more of the cheaper ones I had to make sure. They were positive as well, and then it really started to sink in.

We couldn’t stop beaming the rest of the day, and hugging and kissing and praising the Lord. We had waiting so very long for this moment, and it was perfect. It was so lovely going to church and worshiping, knowing this wonderful news. This Sunday wasn’t heavy with our grief, but light and so very happy because God had finally answered all our prayers and given us our heart’s desire.

And that’s the story of how we found out about Baby Mee.



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