Nursery Decor Inspiration



After waiting for what feels like forever, I have finally been able to excitedly think about and plan for our little one’s nursery. I have thoroughly enjoyed perusing Pinterest, cleaning out the cobwebs and junk out of our second room, and talking with Nate about how our nursery should look.

The other day as I began brainstorming ideas, Nate said one of the cutest things: “I don’t know why, but I think baby stuff with whales on it is really cute.” Instantly I had a theme for our little one’s room: nautical/ocean. I didn’t have anything really planned out besides a color scheme of gray and white, so I loved Nate’s input. It’s so fun to hear about things he has pondered about babies and such.

I have always loved the ocean since I was a little girl and my family took trips to Durban, South Africa for holidays. My love for the sea only increased as I lived on two different Caribbean islands during my high school years. Plus, the ocean will always be sweet for Nate and I because he asked me to marry him on a beach in Barbados. I hope our little one grows to love the ocean as much as his/her parents do!

Here are some ideas that I love found via Pinterest:

This amazing map above the crib and the lovely decor on the wall, as well as the lovely hanging shelves (Nate has been wanting to make something for baby, so these shelves would be a perfect project for him) via



This amazing sailboat mobile and world map via :


This light and airy coastal themed room via :



This gallery wall/changing table combo and the floating shelves above the crib are so dreamy! Via


This sweet little whale mobile from

whale mobile

I loved this little girl’s nautical nursery too (although I would do less pink)    via


This adorable whale print from Amazon (maybe I could DIY something similar?):




Also, these adorable whale leggings via Fawn and Sage:



This boat hook rack would also be another fun DIY project:

That’s all the ideas I’ve found for now. I know there’s so many whale things, but they’re just so stinking cute!

The color pallet of white and grays and navy may seem more boyish, but if we have a girl, I’m not going to be all pink crazy. I think gray, white, and navy work just fine for a girl too. I was a little tomboy all growing up, and to this day I still don’t really care for pink. I love being feminine, but there are other ways to express it besides pink. 😉

I love the neutral color pallet because I can add some fun pops of color here and there around the room which will liven things up. Obviously, our nursery won’t look exactly like these pictures, but I enjoyed drawing inspiration from these other lovely spaces that moms have made for their littles.

I’m sure my ideas will change as I go along, and our nursery will look different as we will do a lot of DIYs and such to save money. It’s exciting to gather inspiration and start the process of planning though. I’m constantly reminded of the Lord’s goodness and grace to me as I get to enjoy this season of pregnancy and planning for our little one. I pray that I will never take these sweet days for granted!

What do you think? Any more ideas for our nursery? Comment below and let me know!





2 thoughts on “Nursery Decor Inspiration

  1. So cute! Love all these ideas. You should add photos of you 2 in Barbados! We paint bucket lists for baby nurseries too! 😉


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