Fall Bucket List

It may only be September 1st, but it’s basically the first day of Fall to me. And oh, what a lovely first day of Fall! It has been raining heavily all day, and there’s a lovely chill in the air which draws my mind to sweaters, scarves, and comfy socks. I’ve been all cozy inside our apartment since I woke up, sipping on tea, baking, reading, and planning a lovely, comforting dinner perfect for this chilly evening. I unashamedly wore my plaid shirt out when I needed to run some errands to pick up some dinner ingredients.

Today is perfect for sharing my Fall Bucket List with y’all. I don’t always get each and everything crossed off in each season, but it sure is fun to plan and think about the next season and all the adventures it holds. Fall shall always remain my favorite season. The chillier days allowing for lots of cozy warm cups of coffee and tea, the fun clothes, especially scarves and boots, as well as the changing scenery and weather which display the glory of their amazing Creator. Oh, how glad I am that God created Fall!

Fall words.png

Our Fall 2017 Bucket List:

  • Decorate our apartment for Fall (I already put out some fall candles and two little adorable pumpkins I found in the Target dollar spot today, but in the next few days or so I shall go hardcore and get all the rest of the decor out)
  • Go to Starbucks (or another coffee shop) for a Pumpkin Spiced Chai (this will hopefully happen quite a few times over this season ;D, Although I love coffee, I don’t like pumpkin-flavored coffee that much ).
  • Bake all the pumpkin things! (already baked a lovely Pumpkin Bundt cake today, inspired by my dear friend Jenny’s recipe )
  • Visit Huber’s Orchard & Market to pick out pumpkins and apples with friends
  • Buy at least one more Fall scented candle (y’all, I LOVE candles, especially Fall ones!)
  • Finish/Begin Reading at least 4 books
  • Find out Baby Mee’s gender (I cannot wait! Only a couple more weeks!)
  • Name Baby Mee (once we find out his/her gender!!)
  • Continue to work on/plan Baby Mee’s nursery
  • Complete Baby Registry
  • Go on lovely evening walks with Nate once the weather gets steadily chilly
  • Bake an apple pie with Nate
  • Carve/decorate pumpkins
  • Drink plenty of hot drinks (mostly tea and hot chocolate in the evenings, with a generous amount of coffee as well. Colder weather just calls for more hot drinks!)
  • Paint our buffet table (Nate made this for me quite a while ago and it’s so handy for when we have guests over for meals so that we don’t have to go back and forth to the kitchen for food. I finally picked out paint and bought a new paintbrush, so I need to just do it!)
  • Switch over our wardrobes to Fall/winter clothes (not exactly sure when this will happen, since KY weather can be so finicky, but I look forward to it!)


fall 3.jpg


Are you excited for Fall? I’d love any extra ideas for our list!



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