Finding Out Baby Mee’s Gender


This week, through a crazy turn of events we finally found out Baby Mee’s gender. I had hoped we would find out earlier on, as some couples do, but we had to wait until our 20-week appointment where they did an anatomy scan (although I was already 21 weeks because of scheduling conflicts). So after what seemed like forever, we happily hopped in the car and headed to our midwife appointment. I pictured us having this perfect little moment where we’d see our baby on the screen and the tech would announce the gender and we’d both be so surprised and happy. Well, let’s just say that moment seemed like it would never happen once we got to the office. A lot of crazy things happened, and THEN we finally found out the gender, and even though it was far from a picture-perfect moment, we are so thrilled to know our baby’s gender and start bonding more deeply with Baby Mee.


We arrived on time to our appointment. It was a Wednesday afternoon. All seemed like it would be perfectly chill and happy…until we walked into the OBGYN-Midwife office. People filled the whole waiting room, and we had to wait for a  little while to find a seat. We checked in and began found a seat. I had a brought a book, but I couldn’t focus on it at all, since I was SO EXCITED TO FIND OUT! Thirty minutes passed, then thirty more. When I checked with the lady at the desk she said we were next in line, but that they were really running behind today. Of all the days to make we wait and extra hour+, why did it have to be this day?! Nate stayed perfectly calm of course, while I was a hot mess of frustration (I’m continually grateful for how he balances me out!).

Finally, they called us back and I got the sticky goop on my belly for the ultrasound wand to work. We told the tech how excited we were to find out our baby’s gender, and that we had planned a reveal party that evening. The tech went through all the procedures of an anatomy scan, checking each of baby’s sweet features to make sure everything looked good. Nate and I  loved seeing each feature of our sweet babe, and were relieved that everything looked good as far as we could tell. We constantly glanced back and forth from the screen to each other, amazed at the sweet, intricate babe God created. Finally, the tech moved the wand to baby’s lower half, zoning in on the legs. Nate and I looked at each other and were so excited. But baby’s legs were tightly together, and our sweet little babe refused to move. I tried moving, the tech tried rubbing my belly all over, but still baby wouldn’t budge. He or she was perfectly comfortable and content while we anxiously watched, hoping to find out. The tech couldn’t tell us with certainty what the gender was with baby’e legs to tightly together, so I got all cleaned up and we prepared to go talk to the midwife down the hall. To say I was crestfallen would’ve been a huge understatement. I had waited so long for this moment. This moment that was supposed to go exactly how I’d planned. I needed to know, and we weren’t going to be able to find out.

The tech must have felt bad for us, because she told us to come back after we met with the midwife, and she would try to see if baby had moved.

We walked down the hall and met with the midwife, but I was so sad. Meanwhile, my Mom had been texting me, anxiously awaiting our happy news. When I conveyed the situation, she suggested I drink something sweet and maybe baby would move. Trusting her motherly wisdom (she’s had 8 kids, guys. She knows! :D), I asked Nate to run downstairs to Panera to get some juice. He sweetly obliged and in a moment I was sipping on orange juice. I felt baby moving while I talked to the midwife, and I hoped he/she was opening those legs!

We marched back down to the ultrasound room and I got all gooped up again. I dearly hoped we’d find out this time. The tech moved the wand across my belly, and all at once as baby came in view I saw those two sweet legs drawn wide. Even before the tech confirmed I knew we were having…a GIRL!

Even though that afternoon didn’t go as planned, it shall always be a sweet memory. The day we found out God had blessed us with a sweet baby girl. A daughter. Even though I had thought that I was having a boy, I was overjoyed to hear the happy news that we are having a girl! We would’ve been happy with a boy or a girl, but this just seems so perfect that our first child is a girl. I can’t wait to see Nate with her, and to see what she will look like. I’m not going to be dressing her in pink all the time, but you can bet I’ll be buying lots of cute little bows, headbands, and dresses for her.

Now, on to her name!

We have named her Glory Kathryn Mee.


We picked Glory because we always want to give God glory for allowing us to conceive, and also because of Exodus 33:18-23, where Moses asks God to show him His glory. God tells Moses about how He is gracious and merciful. We want her to always know this about the Lord, as well as His steadfast love, which is normally mentioned with these other attributes when this passage is quoted elsewhere in scripture (Like Psalm 103:7-9). Furthermore, one of the meanings of the word glory means: “magnificence or great beauty.” We already know she will be so beautiful on the outside, but we pray that she will be even more so on the inside because of her love for God and others.

We picked Kathryn in honor of Nate’s mom who passed away when he was young. We hope Glory will grow to be a women of God like Kathryn Mee and love and serve others like she did.

And that’s the story of how we found out Baby Mee’s gender. That evening we celebrated with sweet friends and family in our apartment. We popped a balloon with confetti to reveal the gender, and it was so much fun! Haha, even though our string of hanging lights came down when the balloon popped. Click the link below to watch. 😀 Thanks to our friend Even for taking this fun slow mo video!

Thank you all for sharing our joy and following along with our crazy adventures. We sure are excited about our Glory girl.



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