A Little Bit More Organized

I appreciate organization, but I don’t always keep up with it in the day to day like I would like. One area in particular that has been hard for us to keep track of is our weekly schedules. Since Nate and I both work and Nate is in school, our schedule can get pretty full from week to week, and we found we had trouble keeping track of everything each other was up to.

I came up with a quick, easy DIY that has helped us keep track of each other’s schedules from week to week. It’s a cute, quick visual aid hanging in our kitchen that has helped us so much already.


I’m not sure exactly what to call it. It’s like a calendar/planner page, but it’s mounted on the wall. I wrote the days of the week on cute paper and then put them in a frame I had. Then as a new week begins, I write out our schedule on the glass of the frame with a dry erase marker.


It’s a quick way to help us stay a little bit more organized, and I love it.

Hope y’all are having a lovely week! What are some ways that have helped you stay organized?



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