Christmas Cheer

This year I have been so very excited for each new stage of this holiday season, because each brings us one step closer to January and meeting our sweet babe. So you can imagine how excited I was when we finally had time to get out all our Christmas décor out and “deck the halls” of our little apartment. Oh, what sweet cheer filled our home as we fluffed the tree, strung lights, hung ornaments, and kissed under the mistletoe hanging over our hallway while listening to our favorite Christmas music! We finished by eating dessert and sipping peppermint hot cocoa. Such a lovely way to usher in this season of joy we have in celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus.

Hehe, Winston was so very funny as we set things up! He loved the Christmas tree box, and also the ornament box. Since we’ve set up the tree his new favorite hang out spot is right underneath it, usually messing with the ornaments and lower branches when he thinks we’re not watching. I put lots of little bells on the lower branches though, so we usually get the spray bottle when we hear too much jingling. For some reason he also really loves the burlap garland, so that has been pulled out a few times already. It looks rather sad, but I know if I make it all pretty again, he’ll probably just play with it more. Haha #ChristmaswithWinstonthemeecat is going to be real interesting!
















Hehe. one of way too many attempts to get a good kissing pic under the mistletoe! My camera timer is crazy. 😉

I remember being so sad last year when we set up out tree, because the end of the year meant we were coming up on a whole year of trying for a baby, which meant that there was probably something wrong. This deep foreboding hung over my head, overshadowing the joy of Christmas. I knew in my head that I had so much to be thankful for and rejoice in, yet my heart ached when I thought of another Christmas without our family growing. Thinking back on those feelings makes me so much more thankful for our sweet Glory this Christmas. Our miracle baby that is a constant reminder that our Father gives good gifts to His children, and that He is sovereign over the heights of joy and deeps of pain in our lives.

Just as He worked His wondrous plan of rescue in sending Jesus to be born and die all those years ago, so He is working His glorious plans in each of our lives today, even when we can’t understand why in the moment. If you’re in the same boat I was in last Christmas, know my heart aches for you, and I pray that you can know God’s steadfast love for you in your longing, and still rejoice in Him this season.

Merry start of Christmas season to you! Have you put up your Christmas decorations yet?




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