DIY Picture Grid

Although the whole process of packing up your life and moving somewhere is a huge job, I love that moving allows for a fresh space to plan out and decorate. We are renting a sweet little home while we save for a house, so this time I made sure whatever I put on the walls was easily removable, and more meaningful + minimal.

I feel like I’ve finally gotten to a place where I can easily define my decor preferences, as opposed to when I first became a wife and had no idea what I was doing. Poor Nate was really long suffering with me. Haha I would rearrange furniture or wall decor so often, sometimes daily. 😂

In our new, temporary space I wanted to put things on the wall that were meaningful + minimal, and this DIY picture grid I came up with fit the bill perfectly. I love it because it’s cheap, easy to do, and sweet to have pictures of our family on the wall. Glory is at an age where she is noticing pictures more and pointing at them. I want her to know all her grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins, so this will help with that.

I found Parabo press through the recommendation of someone I follow on Instagram, and I love that they gave me 25 free prints! If you’d like to get $10 off your first order with Parabo (who doesn’t love a good deal?!) use this code: RSZQHL when you order.

Of course, you could easily print and cut your own pictures, but I love the quality of these! Also, they’re all perfectly 4×4, and if I’d cut them out myself they definitely wouldn’t be 😂.


Choose a number of photos you want that look good in a grid. I did 25, so I have 5 rows of 5 and it looks so nice and even.

Pick a spot on your wall then lay out the pictures on the floor or table in front of that wall in the order you want them. This step is important, because you don’t want to do any rearranging once the pictures are on the wall.

Put tape on the back of each picture and stick them on! I used a little loop of Scotch tape on each until I ran out, then I used washi tape. Any tape that suits your fancy is fine. 😊

Hope you enjoy this easy, simple DIY. I love that it added so much character to our wall in only a few minutes. If you’re on Instagram, be sure to check out my saved story highlights to see our photo grid. And if you decide to do it too please tag me so I can see!

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