Baby Shark and Hymn Singing

If you know my daughter you know she absolutely LOVES the “Baby Shark” song from Youtube. At the mere mention of sharks or babies she starts to clap her hands and say “Dadada.” Its so adorable and fun to see her enjoyment of such a silly song. And besides that it has been a helpful little distraction when we needed her to calm down in the car or during a long diaper change.

As she watched the song the other day I felt a twinge of conviction though. Now, there’s nothing wrong with her enjoying a silly song and us singing it to her a bunch of times. I love to see her eyes light up as her whole face scrunches into a smile. But I was convicted because she has grown so attached to a silly song that won’t teach her anything of eternal value.

So from now on I’m endeavoring to expose her to good songs that will teach her about God and how to worship Him. Yes, I’ll still sing her “Baby Shark” and such, but she’s also going to hear me sing hymns and worship songs as well. Songs that are rich with theological meaning and beauty that glorifies God. I want truths about who God is and what He does to be stuck in her head, instead of pointless songs about sharks.

I’ve made it a goal to pick a different hymn or worship song each week and sing it to her at least once a day. The first hymn I picked was “How Firm a Foundation.” The second, “There is a Fountain”, and this week it’s “Amazing Grace”. Singing these old, lovely songs has been such a joy, and huge encouragement to me as I sing them. It’s hard to be discouraged or complain as I sing about God’s love and grace. I pray that these songs will be sweet reminders of truth for Glory, and stay stuck in her head and heart as she grows.

What is your favorite hymn/worship song? I’d love it if you left a comment and gave me more song ideas for the coming weeks!


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