Using Nap Time Well

As a toddler mama, I struggle to get things done. Glory is busier than ever, and she always wants my attention when she is awake. If I try to fold clothes in front of her she happily unfolds them. If I try and do the dishes it won’t be long before I have little hands grabbing me legs, begging me to pick her up. I’ve had to learn how to be creative with getting things done. Working to get things done during Glory’s nap time has helped me stay on top of my never-ending to do list. Glory takes one big nap midday these days, so this is a perfect time for me to power through some tasks.

I don’t always do a perfect job of this. Sometimes I just need a break and I sit and chill with a cup of coffee and watch Youtube. Other times, I need to catch up on bible reading or the best thing I can do is take a nap so that I’m rested and ready to be present with Glory and play with her when she wakes up. In sharing the way I try to use the time when my daughter is napping, I don’t want to discourage other mamas who do things differently. My aim is to encourage and be helpful with these tips that have helped me.

Tips for using nap time well:

1. Differentiate between tasks, and prioritize nap-friendly ones. I know us mamas have a never-ending to-do lists. There are some tasks though, that you can do while your child is awake and playing/eating, and some tasks that you cannot do while he/she is awake. For example, I can vacuum or sweep when Glory is awake. She enjoys watching me, and the vacuum can be too loud for when she is sleeping. One task I can’t do when she is awake is fold the laundry. She delights in unfolding it right away; it’s a game to her. Differentiate between tasks and prioritize the ones that you can only get done during nap time.

2. Set a timer. Once you figure out what you want to accomplish, set a timer for 15/30 minutes and race yourself. I find that this little added challenge makes me work harder. I often finish a task before the timer and it makes me feel so accomplished.

3. Give yourself a “reward.” We all love prizes/rewards. This sounds so silly, but “rewarding” myself with a cup of coffee or some chocolate after I get done with tasks helps motivate me to get done quicker and then enjoy a small victory.

Differentiating between tasks, setting a timer, and reveling in a simple “reward,” all help me be more productive and joyfully do the work set before me. Mothering and homemaking are HARD, and we have to be creative with how we use our time in order to help our families and ourselves thrive. I want to joyfully live out this high calling God has given me, and be the best wife and mama I can be. I hope these tips were an encouragement to you and inspire you to use your little ones’ nap times well, or just to use any extra time you have well.

If you’re a visual learner like I am, I’ve done a Nap Time Clean with Me on my Youtube Channel. I’d love for you to check it out and subscribe to my channel for more motherhood and lifestyle content.

Thank you so much for spending some time in my corner of the internet! I hope you have a lovely day. If you’d like to share some tips that have helped you use nap time well or just get things done in general, please share in the comments!


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