Painting Our Door

Today I have a fun DIY project to share with you all: I painted our door! For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been excited to own a home, and I’ve always dreamed about what color I would paint my door. That’s sounds a little silly, but the door on a house is a big deal to me. It’s like looking at the color of someone’s eyes when you first meet them. The door is the “first impression” of a house to me.

When we began the process of buying our home, I got so excited to start planning the decor. I scoured Pinterest for inspiration, and walked the aisles of Home Depot, plotting how I’d made this house our home. One of the changes I planned to make right away was to paint the door.

The funny thing was, my husband gave me the idea for the color! We were discussing the list of house projects I wanted to do, and I mentioned that I was trying to come up with a good color for the front door. That’s when Nate surprised me that he had an opinion (if you know him you know he’s not into design/decor much, so I was so SURPRISED!). He suggested mustard yellow, which is my favorite color and immediately I knew that’s what I had to paint our door. Bless that man and his good ideas!

I chose “Midsummer Gold” by Behr in an exterior paint + primer mix and it turned out so bright and happy. A bit brighter then it looked to be on the swatch, but I don’t mind. I hope it welcomes guests into our home with its cheer.

The whole project was pretty quick and easy overall. It surprised me how many coats I needed (4), but I think that was due to the fact that it was a dark teal blue before. The paint needed to dry for 2 hours between coats, so I did 3 coats in about an 8 hour stretch on one day, and then the next day I noticed there were a few blueish spots so I did the final coat.

I used a brush, but if I did it again I’d probably use a roller on most of it, because I found that it was hard to get the right amount of paint on the brush.

I love our door and I feel like it gave the whole front of our house a face lift and made it “ours.”

What do you think? Would you ever paint your door a bright yellow like this?
Leave a comment and let me know!

Hope you’re having a lovely day.


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