Our DIY Step Stool

Hello Friends! I hope you’re all having a fabulous day. Today I have a fun DIY to share with you all.

My amazing husband Nate always makes such awesome things for our home (check out some of his other projects, like this book shelf, and coffee table). I just show him an idea from Pinterest, and he goes to town and comes up with something amazing. Recently he acquired some helpful woodworking tools from his Grandpa, which have made projects like this so much easier. He loves the process of making measurements and working with the wood, and I love saving money and filling our home with items that we made and love. I’m pretty sure Glory loves it too, because now she can be more on our level.

I made a whole Youtube video about this, so I won’t repeat myself. Just wanted to post about it here for memory sake and for those who prefer blogs.

Pricing: We used stain, paint, some wood, and screws/nails that we already had. We only had to purchase a bit more wood, and the chain and hooks for it. So it came out to about $20 for this project, which is SO MUCH CHEAPER than any of these stools I’ve seen online. Just peruse Amazon and you’ll be shocked at how expensive these things can be, ranging from $90-175!

Here are what the measurements ended up being:

It’s about 3 feet tall, 17 inches wide at the bottom, and 8 inches wide at the top. The standing platform is about 16 3/4 inches wide and 10 3/4 inch deep. 1 inch thick.
The two bottom steps were made with 2x4s.

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Our DIY Step Stool

  1. Love this DIY!! You guys did a great job! I would love to have the measurements you used to build the step stool!


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