Fall Bucket List 2019 + Free Printable

Hey friends! In an effort to enjoy my favorite season to the fullest, I came up with a Fall Bucket List for our family. Now this isn’t a rigid thing that we have to check off. That would only add stress, and not fun memories. This is more of a fun idea list that will help us use our time to the fullest.

I know I am late to the game because we’re already in November and plenty of people are already prepping for Christmas, but it’s still Fall until Thanksgiving in my book!

So here is my Fall 2019 Bucket List:

  1. Decorate for Fall (I have a video all about it here)
  2. Light Fall scented candles
  3. Bake a pumpkin flavored treat (we have been LOVING these Pumpkin bars lately. Recipe here, and a video showing them here).
  4. Visit a pumpkin patch/farm
  5. Make cozy, comforting foods (we have been enjoying a lot of soup since the weather cooled down)
  6. Wear my favorite sweater (so hard to choose just one! :D)
  7. Bake an apple pie
  8. Make or buy a Pumpkin spiced latte or chai (I loved the Pumpkin spiced cold brew from Starbucks this year!)
  9. Dress up for Halloween and give out candy/trick or treat (see my Favorite Moments from October vlog for our family costume this year)
  10. Remember to be THANKFUL and praise God for all He has blessed us with
  11. Carve/Paint a pumpkin (Glory and I loved doing this together!)
  12. Walk through some crunchy leaves
  13. Make a bonfire and enjoy some s’mores
  14. Snuggle under a warm blanket (Nate got me this one for my birthday and I love it so much)

That’s all I could think of for now! I’m sure I’ll think of more now that I started the ball rolling in my head. What things are on your bucket list?

I’ve included this free printable so you can make your own list! Click on the link to download and print. You can even use it as a list to write down things your thankful for on Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy!


If you end up using this printable please tag me on Instagram stories! I’d love to see.

I’ll hopefully be making another for the Christmas/Winter season, so be on the lookout for that.

Thank you for reading! I know my posts on here are so sporadic, but I am trying to change that!



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