Room Tour

If you know me at all, you know I absolutely love to decorate our home! You probably also know it takes me quite a while to feel like I β€œown” a space, meaning I move things around and rearrange wall hangings and change colors way too much until a room feels just right. Nate used … More Room Tour

Merry Christimas

Merry Christmas from our little family to yours. I’m sorry for my long absence. The past six weeks have been some Β of the hardest of the year, and each time I’ve sat down to write, the words just haven’t come. Our season of waiting isn’t over. Each day is a battle to choose joy amidst … More Merry Christimas

Meet Winston

I think it’s about time I introduce you to our cat, Winston. He is the crazy, adorable, psycho, weird, funny, sweet, obnoxious, intense, mischievous, moody, lazy, and furry member of our family. We got Winston the first year we were married, back when we lived in the northern wilds of Wisconsin. We’ve never known what … More Meet Winston